HOW TO care for your sterling silver jewelry:



Wear your jewelry daily to help maintain that lustrous finish. The more you wear it, the less care it needs! 


Sterling silver will tarnish over time. Fret not! Regularly cleaning your pieces with a silver polishing cloth or microfiber cloth will remove light tarnish, inhibit further tarnishing and keep your pieces shining like new. 


In between wears, be sure to store each piece individually in the jewelry pouch included with your purchase and always store it in a cool, dry place away from moisture. This will help protect the metal from abrasions and prevent tarnishing. For long term storage, store each piece individually in an airtight bag to prevent discoloration.


Avoid contact with harsh chemicals as these can react with your sterling silver jewelry and cause tarnish. This includes chemicals like chlorine and sulphur but also chemicals found in things like cleaning products (hand soap and dish soap), cleansing products (shampoo, conditioner, body-wash), lotions & self tanners, nail polish remover and perfumes. Basic rule of thumb, keep your pieces dry! Elements like water can cause discoloration and tarnish. Take your pieces off before showering, bathing, swimming and before any activities that are sweat inducing. As sterling silver is a soft metal, we also recommend removing your jewelry while exercising or while engaging in any strenuous activities that could lead to scratching or denting the surface of your jewelry. 


HOW TO care for your vermeil jewelry:


Our vermeil jewelry has precious sterling silver at its core with layers of 18K yellow gold bonded on the surface. To preserve that shiny gold finish, proper care is essential. For storage tips and elements to avoid, please refer to the sterling silver sections above under STORE IT and AVOID IT as the same rules apply with some additions below.

Additional things to AVOID:

  • Standard jewelry cleaners as the chemicals in these products will eat away at the gold layers. 
  • Heavy contact with other metals and any hard surfaces that could lead to scratching

To clean and preserve your plated jewelry, regularly and lightly polish with a microfiber cloth or 100% cotton. 


While fading and scratching may occur over time, at the base of your MM Druck plated jewelry is sterling silver, a precious and valuable metal that can always shine back to its original beauty.


If heavy cleaning or re-plating is necessary, check in with your local jewelry store as they should offer these services at a nominal fee.